Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Nothings

I just read Allison's post on Riley's invitations, which reminded me to post my own! I started this a couple of weeks ago and sort of/didn't finish. So, here.We.Go!
I could not be more pleased with Chappell's 1st birthday party invitations.
I really wanted to share them with you.
I'm not exactly sure who reads this, but if I have any audience, whatsoever, Busy Nothings is worth promoting!

I grew up with the owners, sisters Rachel & Stephanie, in Pensacola, FL. We vacationed together, spent holidays together and lived only a few houses apart.
Rachel & Stephanie are both incredibly sweet, kind and undoubtedly creative.

Here is the digital proof of Chappell's 1st birthday party invitations.
I've included pictures of the invitation, envelope liner & envelope seal. The digital proof doesn't do them justice, but I figured it would be even harder to hide our personal information if I took pictures... so this will have to do!

*For my own peace of mind, I blacked out my address & phone number...

Chappell's 1st Birthday Invite

Chappell Invite Liner

Chappell Invite Seal

They specialize in invitations, stationary & many other paper products. I highly reccomend checking out their store on Etsy.

We narrowed it down to family, locals, and a few pals with kiddos. But if you want to make the trip, you know you are always welcome!


Family Snodgrass said...

So cute! You could use those envelope seals for Christmas cards too!

Holland said...

i know! she sent me some extras. they can do whatever you can think up. and not too expensive. looove them.

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