Monday, November 30, 2009

Thannnnnnksgiiiiving, is a Special Time... (sing it)

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Reed's side of the family at Bay Point.
It was a lot of fun.
But, as usual, it was quite chaotic due to the fact that there are now four Williams grandchildren ages 4 & under attempting to coexist under one roof.
Just realized that this was my third Thanksgiving away from my side of the family... WoW... Weird...
Trying to remember Turkey day last year and my brain goes hazy... we were stranded in Birmingham alone (thanks fam) waiting on Chappy-doodle's arrival.

Back on track...

Wednesday was the day of departure. Reed finished work around lunch and we filled the Volvo to the brim. Ummm SUV, here we come?!
Everyone arrived and the madness began. Chappy tried cows milk (see previous post). Chappy loved cows milk. And all is right in the world... my world...

Thursday was the big day! We ate lots O food, played spades (I stink), and just hung out.
All in all, a perfect turkey day.
*Note to self... We should spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws every year. When I am at my parents house I eat far too much and feel absolutely awful. When with in-laws, one musn't act like a (completely) gluttonous pig.

Friday, most of the Williams clan drove over to Apalachicola so the kiddos could see Santa arrive on a shrimp boat. It has become a tradition over the past few years that is sure to continue... however, Reed and I politely (I hope) bowed out to watch the Iron Bowl.
We babysat MP while her parents were gone. It was very interesting to see what it must be like to have two kids. Or twins for that matter. To reiterate, MP and Chaps are only six weeks apart. We felt very lucky that Mary Parker is a much calmer baby than our own. Otherwise, it would've been one long day.
We determined that man to man defense was the best plan of attack. And that's what we did.

Saturday, Emily (Reed's mom) helped me put together the (never-ending) blue dress! I love it. I'm so glad that it's done. The construction side of smocking is going to take some practice. Eventually I'll get the hang of it...?

That's enough for now. I have hair to dry, laundry to do, presents to wrap & dinner to eat.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!

Here are the pics:

Babies on a blanket...
11monthsold 032
How cute are they?
11monthsold 049

11monthsold 065
Chappy got a little excited...
11monthsold 066
Diggin' in. She was lovin' some turkey on her 1st Thanksgiving!
11monthsold 080
First ever family Thanksgiving pic.
11monthsold 084
Will & Brody...
11monthsold 115
The dress!!!
11monthsold 118
Up close... LOOK... feast your eyes on my blood, sweat & tears...
11monthsold 117
My baby wearing the dress! Chappell if you ever throw this away, I will haunt you. :)
11monthsold 120
Fascinated by the flash = funny faces.
11monthsold 123

The End!

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Family Snodgrass said...

LOVE the dress!!!

And how in the world did you get all 4 kids looking at you??? I can't seem to manage two!

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