Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween & Such

I've been slackin'... I don't know what it is. Lately, Chappellina and all of the endless weekend travels have been wearing me out. I was actually a little frightened that the Chapster might have new "friend" on the way, but two negative tests tell me that's not the case. I hope... Phew!

I'll just jump right in.

We spent Halloween in Pensacola at my parents house.
Since we never made it to a pumpkin patch here at the beach, the first order of business Saturday morning was: Operation Pumpkin Patch.
Not really knowing where to begin, I googled (duh): pensacola pumpkin patch
We found a rather promising patch about 30-40 minutes away with, oooooohhhh, a corn maze! Love the play on words...
So we loaded up the fam (sister Smith and parents included) and head towards the farm. Of course, I trusted my beloved husband with the directions. Why not?
Doesn't this sound like something he would be competent of? Right.
Reed forgot a few minor details...such as an exit number... we finally arrived after about an hour of looking.
We pull up... and see a house. With some corn.
And NO pumpkins.

I just wanted a picture of my kid with some freaking pumpkins.
I was almost positive that my (almost) 11 month old wouldn't have much fun being trampled in a maze of corn, so we headed back to town.
My sweet parents frantically whipped out their cell phones and called some of their friends with young children... trying to get the coordinates/address/location of any pumpkin patch in Northwest Florida.
I think they knew how important this was to me...

All we could come up with were the names of a few churches that were selling pumpkins.
One by one, each church was abandoned... all that remained were a few bales of hay and those mini pumpkins you put on tables... I think they're actually gourds... but that's beside the point...

Chappell, I failed you as a mother. I'm really sorry. Every child needs a picture in the pumpkin patch.
It's right up there with the Easter bunny... and SANTA!


Saturday evening we headed over to the home of Anne Brewer to celebrate one of my BEST friend's engagements. It was such a lovely party. The decorations were incredible- and I must say, I am not surprised! We had a blast at the party and partaaayed like rock stars in honor of Cover.

After the party, we headed to a local watering hole called The Fish House.
It seems as though we crashed the wedding celebration (not an actual reception) of the owner.
Then, I fell down the steps.
Face plant!
Injuries include, but are not limited to:
sprained left ankle
skinned/bruised right knee
skinned left hand
bruised right shoulder
skinned/bruised jaw & chin

One of my finest moments? I think so.
I vow to never ever attempt 5 inch heels again. Ever. It was bound to happen.


So we're back home, and I feel like we've caught up a bit. Right, blog?
We are leaving again Friday to go to a wedding near Selma, AL. We're super excited about the weekend... should be an awesome wedding and we're staying with our great friends, the Godwins. A reminder, their little boy is Riley, who was born three days before Chappell.
They are getting married in 2032.
Be back later!


Allison said...

Should we plan on Spring or Fall?

Sarah Waters said...

I was wondering when you'd be back. It was well worth the wait. Awesome entry! Sorry about the pumpkin patch. There's always next year! And if you have another friend right now, I'll die!

Patricia said...

Don't feel bad, I fell down "face plant" last Saturday night while getting in the truck...thank goodness, noone saw! But I felt like I broke my face..haha!

Sweet tea said...

Dear Holland: I love your blog! Your little baby is so adorable! Your writing is so fun to read. I am the marketing director of the Fish House and I routinely "google" our restaurant's name to see if we have been reviewed. It so happened that today it led me to your blog. I want you to know first of all that I helped with Collier and Cate Merrill's guest list and the entire Brewer/Cover gang was invited to come by after their party so you definitely were not crashing - I guess that is until you literally crashed. We are so sorry to hear that you fell. We would love to send you a gift certificate so the next time you are are in town you can come and visit the Fish House and have a good time. Please email me at with a mailing address. Have a great day! Keep up the great writing.

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