Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bah ha ha

So please excuse the gi-nor-mous picture of me and Chappell at the end of my last post.
I'd already had a few birthday cocktails and was feeling especially sentimental!

What a perfect weekend.
I'm not feeling any older, or wiser... but I do feel like my twenty-sixth year is off to a good start! I'm trying (trying, being the key word) to make some changes for the better.
This includes taking better care of myself... which brings me to: Couch to 5K.
I ran a total of 6 days this week, and tomorrow will be the first day of Week 2.
We're kickin' it up a notch, and bumpin' it up a mile. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared.
Two miles seems like a lot... how pathetic am I?
It really is amazing, though... I just feel so much better. After only a week?

Enough about that, back to the weekend!
My parents came in town to help celebrate the big 2-6.
Friday night we kicked off the weekend with Old Florida Fish House for some delicious chow... including my favorite, sushi.
My sweet parents had a bottle of champagne waiting at our table. Bubbly's always a nice touch, and birthday tradition in our fam.

Saturday morning, Reed had a meeting in PCB. Although I was sad (actually, really sad) that he had to to work, I was quite thankful to have the parentals around to keep me entertained.
And they let me sleep in. HEAVEN!
Once we were up and about, we drove over to Eden State Gardens to take (yet another) stab at getting a Christmas card picture of the babe.
I'm just glad to say... Mission accomplished.
I am not going to share the actual picture (yet), but I'll share the runner up.
I'm glad my parents were here. This was no one person job.
My mom kept her from jumping in the fountain, my dad said "cheese," and I photographed. Whoosh.
Runner up:

10monthsold 097

After our photo shoot, we met Reed at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside. The weather was incredible. Live music... oysters... a bloody mary... it doesn't get much better!

Saturday night, mom and dad stayed home w/ the baby so Reed and I could go out to birthday dinner. We went to Borago and ate at the bar so we could watch the Bama game (Roll Tide).
Dinner was delish to say the least and SO much fun.
Thank you so much Reed for a wonderful birthday :)
PS: I love my gifts!

What a wonderful weekend with my family. I'm so lucky to have all of you!

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