Monday, November 9, 2009

The River House and a Wedding

So last night's "Hurricane" Ida didn't amount to much. Just in case, I set up Chappell's pack n' play in our bathroom. Chappell and Reed snoozed right on through the storm, while I lay awake listening to the wind zipping past our windows. I've become such a light sleeper. Ever since ChaCha was born. It's terrible!
I grew up in the panhandle, so I'm pretty used to hurricanes and tropical storms.
My husband might beg to differ...
My only worry last night was that a stump or something heavy might come crashing (towards my face) through the window. Scary, or, weird?
This weekend we ventured up to Allison and Michael's river house.
I can't really tell you where it is, because I'm not exactly sure.
It's close to Selma, about 20 minutes from Montgomery, and 20 minutes from the McMahon's hunting camp, Panther Creek Lodge (site of the wedding).
All I know, is it's amazing! Michael's grandparents built the house about a year ago... and it's beautiful.
I think I was picturing some rustic cabin tucked away in the woods. I brought Chappell a warm blanket to sleep with thinking we might be without heat.
Clearly not the case.
Here are a few pics of Chappell and Riley-man playing.

11monthsold 001
Chappell bonded with Riley's teething-giraffe, Sophie. Who knew they made "teething-giraffes?" She carried it around the entire weekend. Which reminds me, I need to get on Amazon to find one...
11monthsold 010

11monthsold 012

11monthsold 015

11monthsold 017

11monthsold 018

11monthsold 021
ReeRee and two of his favorite frat bros, John and Michael.
11monthsold 022
The view from the back porch of the river house.
11monthsold 024

We had a great time spending so much quality time with our friends.
Friday night we cooked good food and had fun drinking a few adult beverages.
By day, we watched football and the babies play.
Saturday night was the wedding of Jane McMahon, the older sister of my BFF Ferrill (Chappy's Fairy Godmonther).
I can honestly say it was probably the most amazing wedding I've ever been to.
Two bands...
an oyster bar tent...
a tent where steaks were cooked to order...
It was seriously amazing.
We had a greaaaaaaaaaat time!
*I just wanted to document that last night was my first night of Couch to 5K. It went well! I bought some new running shoes today, and I'm looking forward to my run tonight!
Adios, baby weight!


ltyson said...

Apparently those "teething" giraffes are the cool new teething toy. Marls got one from Miss Elizabeth I think. That's how I found out about it.

Patricia said...

Wish I had gotten to see you and Chappell since you were so close to Montgomery! I really want to meet her!!!

Caitlin said...

does reed like it when you call him "reeree"? i don't imagine him loving makes ME laugh though, and the reader is always right...or is the rEEder always right? gah im funny

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I found your blog through Allison's (and my sister and I went to college with Reed), and I just wanted to say that I have had fun reading your posts! Chappell is adorable!!

Holland said...

L: So I hear. Chappell's is now in the mail. I see why they are popular!
P: I wish we got to see you, too! Hopefully we will be in Montgomery in December and I'll shoot you in e-mail! She'd love you!
C: Ummm.... about the ReeRee thing. It's kind of a joke. I'm not sure I like that nickname myself! But all of his law school friends called him that (clearly to irk him, I assume) so it kind of stuck.

Mary Louis, I'm glad you said something, because I've been reading your blog, too! Your little girl is precious. Hope to meet you sometime!

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