Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day

I was more than thrilled to find out that Reed had Veterans Day off.
He doesn't get many days off... and an unexpected holiday in the middle of the week? It was like Christmas!
*In all seriousness, thanks to all that have served and are serving.

We decided to go to one of our favorite places around here for lunch:
Pizza by the Sea in Watercolor
The owners, Stacy & Bryan, are super sweet and they serve a mean (and affordable) lunch!
So, we followed our noses to the pizzzzzza.

We get a table. I plop Chappell's highchair cover in the seat and slide her little leggies & bottom into position.
The three of us are just sitting there, looking over the menu.
Ahhhhhhhh... such a pleasant scene.
I love going out with our little fam...
and then I look over at my baby...
who has just put something in her mouth...

"Reed, what did she just put in her mouth???"

There is nothing on the table. We haven't gotten our food yet.

I stick my finger in her mouth to try and sweep out this mysterious foreign object.
Can't get it.
She's squirming too much and clamping down in opposition.
Baby starts gagging.
BUT, she can breath.
Even though she's breathing, she is gagging and clearly uncomfortable. Sort of dry heaving.

I'm starting to freak out a little bit. Still in control (kind of), but freaking out, all the same.
Reed and I take her outside (with some water) to avoid causing any commotion inside.
The important thing is, she's breathing, but we still are unsure of what to do.
The (extremely nice) owner, walks outside and offers to call the Fire Department.
They are right next door and he insists!
So about 8 firemen show up in a fire truck.

They listened to her chest and throat to make sure nothing was "rattling" inside. They stayed until we could get her to drink some water to make sure her passages (?) were clear.
Apparently, she was finally able to swallow whatever it was that she ingested. And I'm going to check every diaper until I figure it out. Gross??

After that, we went back inside to eat our lunch.
Chappell was completely fine and dove right into my pizza... which was quite delish by the way.

Pizza by the Sea, you were SO sensitive and helpful during our scare.
Friends, you should check out their blog!

Do you ever feel like you cause trouble wherever you go?!


Anonymous said...

OMG! What a story. Please report back when you find the object. No pictures though...

Kelly said...

Holland, what a nightmare. So happy the Chapster is okay.

Holland said...

thanks, guys!

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