Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gearin' up for Monnnnday

I guess I've been on a break (of sorts) from the blog.
At least for me.
It's been more than a week since I've written anything. I know you are dying, right??
I'm going to do my best to catch all of you (?if there is anyone?) up on our more than interesting life.

I think I'm going to do it like this...
I'm going to mention top 5 things that have happened in Chappy's life over the past week or so. I might just mention a thing or two about myself. And I apologize for that.

Here we go:

1) Chappy ate Chinese food for the first time and loved it.
This is huge for me. I love ethnic food (all of it) and hope this is something I can share with my daughter since my husband isn't such a fan. He suffers through all kinds of cuisine to make me happy. Although it means a lot to me, it's just not as enjoyable when you know that your date will inevitably be ill from your meal. Just sayin'.

2) HUGE MILESTONE. Chappy switched from formula to whole milk on Wednesday.
Oh my.
What a miracle this has been for us.
This is how it went down...
Chappell's formula (Enfamil Lacto-Free) was discontinued in May. I've been buying it online for months and it finally disappeared from the Net (as in InTeRnEt) a couple of weeks ago. Being so close to the 1 year mark, I didn't really know what to do...
Chappy's kind of picky (super picky) when it comes to her bottle and hasn't accepted other formulas when I've attempted to change. I called the doctor to find out what I should do... force another formula? And therefore make my life a living Hell... or make the switch to cows milk?
Thank the Lord, the doctor called back and said to go ahead and try cows milk.
Chappell loves it.
She's taking so much more milk than formula, going to the bathroom more (hallelujah!), and the savings!!!!!!!
Welcome back to my budget, 150 buckaroos a month!
We are so happy about this change...
Now if I could only figure out how I'm going to have her off of bottles in 10 days... not happening.

3) Thanksgiving. What a nice 5 day break from reality, ya know? I'm sure that I've gained 5 pounds. We had a wonderful time with Reed's side of the fam at Bay Point.
I've just decided that will be a separate post. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow...

4) I got Invisilign.
Oh wait, is this not about Chappy? Oops.
Let's just say it's super weird to have retainers in your mouth 24 hours a day (again). I spent about 7 years in braces. Currently, I'm wishing that I wore my retainers after the first go around.
I feel like I'm 12 and my husband refers to me as "plastique," pronounced: plas-teeeek.
My mother in law just got braces, too, so at least I wasn't alone this week with all of my dental gear.

Final # 5) This makes me very, very sad to report. Couch to 5 K had to end and I am so sad about it.
My knees started to hurt so bad that I could barely make it up the stairs. I've been off of them for 5 days now and they still ache. It's really sad. I was so excited about running... and the last thing I wanted to do was post about my failure... but oh well. I guess running's not for me. The elliptical will have to do. Sad...

Thanksgiving pictures and post to come soon... I hope!


Anna Belle Wilder Norton said...

When I attempted to run for awhile earlier this year I had the same problem! So I quit. ha.

Laura said...

Feel you on the running woes!!
Get Leslie Sansone's workout videos...they are super easy to follow and get you into shape fairly fast...and she isn't THAT annoying. Laura Koontz and I love her!
You can find her at the Wally world or online:

Holland said...

Yeah, running's for the birds. Ha!

Laura, thanks for the advice. I'm going to get it. I'll try anything to get the last of my baby weight off!

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