Sunday, February 21, 2010

D Town for Brody's 4th Birthday

This weekend we traveled to Ozark and Dothan, Alabama for our nephew's 4th birthday bash. Since Ozark is only 20 or so minutes away from Dothan, we stayed at Reed's parents' casa.

Little girl was a gem on the ride to and from AL, but was a little testy throughout the duration of her stay.
Poor thing, it's not her fault.
Tooth numero 7 came a day or so ago... and...
Chappell can't seem to shake this cold, but had clear ears as of Friday morning. Between all of the congestion and teething, I think baby G is super uncomfortable.

On top of the crankiness often (always) associated with a sick child, Chappellina is going through a phase where she wants to feed herself... without any assistance from me or anyone else.
You know, the infamous ALL BY MY SELF phase.
Lovely toddler hood is before us. Chappellina's always been Quite the independent little lady. But I like it that way. She's funny. Full of personality. She'll tackle a group of three year olds to get to a big blue balloon...
She reminds me of myself, which is great, but also leaves me shakin' in my boots.

I'm exhausted.
My eyes are closing.
So, to close, here are a few pictures from Brody's awesome party at the Dothan Museum of Art for you to enjoy.
PS - I should also mention that there are a few at the end of my precious Chappy WALKING.
She was showin' off for the big kids.
PPS - I had to take some cotton pics on the way back. I love driving through Bama. It's so pretty :)


I thought the bigger pictures would work. On some, they do. To see the whole picture, just click on it. Oops!


Coley said...

I can't believe she is walking!! I love it!! Can't wait to see it for myself - will be in Florida weekend of 4/24 and 5/28. Why is her dress tucked into her tights? LOL - Love the dress btw!

Holland said...

hey! it's tucked in because she was crawling around for a while and she was getting tripped up. april 24 i am in a wedding and may 28 i'm not sure. i'm probably gone because we'll be gone all summer!! i'll let you know though! love and miss u

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