Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nap time = Stalk Hour?

I am tired. I'm always tired these days. Toddlers will wear a sista out.

So, 2:30 came around, and it was time for nap time at this casa.

I fed Chaps, changed her and put her down.
I quickly cleaned up, got my phones (and computer) together and jumped into bed.
Ahhhh rest.

But then I made a bad choice! I turned on the computer.

I checked facebook... dang it. I started looking at pics of people that I hadn't seen in so long... and it is so addicting...

Anywho, in my stalking... I found this:

It's so true, I just couldn't resist the risk of posting it and exposing my stalking!
Some of you might figure out where I found it.


Mary Louis Quinn said...

Love it!

Rhonda Hennessy said...

Hi! I stalk, and I HAVE to now out myself because OMG - this is absoulutely the best thing! I NEEDED to see this today! I don't stay at home, but I feel like I'm drowning trying to work and keep up with my little girl (who's almost one).

I randomly found your blog through Elizabeth Snodgrass' blog, and our children are close so...I'm sure you know the all-consuming desire to know what other Mama's are doing and how :) My blog is private but you are welcome to stalk it too just send your email to

Anyway - loved this post!

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