Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reed's 30th Birthday Party

Reed's a Guy's Guy... if you know what I mean.
He likes boy things.
Golf. Football. Fishing. ESPN. You get the drift.
He also likes beer.
These days, with work and the baby, he doesn't really get a chance to enjoy these things.
Especially the beer!

So, I wanted to incorporate a few of R's favorite past times into his birthday extravaganza. Well, sans SportsCenter, anyways.

Back in the day (and still on occasion), R enjoyed a good Kegger.
For old time's sake, I decided to throw him a keg party with his closest friends.
Old school.

I did my best to keep it a surprise. For six months, I managed to do so.
Then my darling husband decided to read my mail. Snail mail! That's a Federal crime, right? What a snoop.
On another (snoopy) occasion, I found him looking over my shoulder... just in time to see the subject line of an e-mail entitled, "Reed's 30th Birthday."


The weekend was still loads and loads of fun. Friday night Reed's mama brought tons of BBQ, 10 pounds of slaw and potato salad. So not only did we have loads of fun, but we had loads of food.
Saturday the guys played golf at Camp Creek.

Allison helped me (basically did everything) with the decorations. We went all out on the beer theme and kept it fun - and affordable! It doesn't get much cheaper than beer cans, does it?? Heh.
I'm pretty sure that my mom's fiesta-decorating skills skipped me in the gene pool.
I am most disturbed by this.
However, I can sleep at night knowing I have a friend that's willing to help me when a party comes around!


Then there was night 2... I urge you to check the time stamp on some of these. Hooray for old people staying up late!


I saved the best for last.
It's so sad.
Along the way, someone LIED to Reed and told him that he was a good dancer.
There's actually a video floating around...


I hacked these pictures from Allison. I brought my camera, but never remembered to take it out of the case. Typical.


Family Snodgrass said...

Hahahaha! Love the dancing pictures! Happy birthday, Reed!

Allison & Michael Godwin said...

Reed thanks for turning 30! We had sooo much fun. And, Holland, while we did stay up late I later discovered the time stamp was off by 2 hours. SO the pic that says 2:40, was actually 12:40! And it appears that the sing along (spoons as microphones included) and the dance off actually happed closer to 10:00.

Holland said...

man! i felt cool for a minute or two. oh well, it makes more sense!

Margaret Leigh said...

haha...i knew reed was a good dancer. he spun me around at the fish house over xmas, but i quickly learned that the dancing was less about fun with sister-in-law and more about reed getting down by himself. i happily left him to boogie.

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