Monday, March 8, 2010

yay Spring!

I have lots and LOTS to post about, but I thought I would start small. I'm still recovering from Reed's pseudo surprise 30th birthday bash.
{More on that, later}

Even though this is not an official birthday party post, I do want to say Happy Birthday to my incredible husband, Reed!
You are the best father and husband I could ever ask for.
I definitely don't deserve you...
I am so glad you were born 30 years and 2 days ago! I hope you had a good weekend :)


My great friend Allison, bought Chappell some adorable Spring outfits in Montgomery last weekend. Since it's about 70 degrees at the beach today, here is Miss C modeling one of her new looks! Thank you, Allison :)

Check out my (almost) 15 month angel! In case you forgot, Cha Cha will be 15 whole months tomorrow. Ummm can you believe it? Life is just speeding on by...


1 comment:

Allison & Michael Godwin said...

Ahhh, she looks so grown up! I think that last picture is SO REED!!

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