Monday, October 25, 2010

what's goin' on

hey friends and fam!
we've been even crazier than ever recently. hence, no punctuation in this post.
this weekend i had 5 shoots! including my first event (a first birthday party) on saturday.
we headed up to birmingham after the birthday party to attend one of my good friend's engagement parties.
on sunday morning, i had three "mini sessions" with three equally adorable babes that reside in the hammer.
anyways, this weekend-- my best, best friend is getting married, and so the busy life continues-- however, in a wonderfully fun way!
i still have lots to do around here to prepare for 5 friends that are staying with us for the wedding. it wouldn't seem like much, but with a busier (than heck) toddler running around un-doing everything that i do... things tend to get complicated.
so... this week, i will spend every free second getting ready for my bestie's wedding and editing photos.
i'm just plugging along and learning new things as i go in Photoshop.

meanwhile, on the home front -- Chappell (i have to capitalize her name... since she is muy importante) is obsessed with The Little Mermaid (also muy importante)... just got her first tricycle... first barbie doll (ariel) and is talking up a storm. for any of you that are worried about the barbie doll and choking (i know you are- ha), i stripped ariel of her high heels and crown. i think that's why they were recommended for children 3+. ariel seems safe now.
chappell is hilarious. she is at the best age... perhaps that is why baby fever has been kicking in full force??? God has wiped away the traumatic experience {that is} life with a newborn baby.
we get a few tantrums from time to time but it's worth it.
she repeats everything you say, including:
"oooohhh Lordy" ---- oops. it could be worse, right??

here are a few pictures from eleanor's shoot in birmingham yesterday-- i have so many more pictures to edit-- this is just a little preview. a work in progress, if you will.

20101024_0533-2 copy-320101024_051720101023_0502

here are a few more of thomas-- another cutie!



Margaret Leigh said...

i love the pictures, holland. so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

I've clearly not been keeping up! You've been super great about the blog. I'm the slacker. I've LOVED seeing you the past TWO weekends. What a treat! Your growing repertoire of pics is so impressive. Keep it up!

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