Saturday, December 4, 2010

a saturday in december

I'm not sure if anyone's still out there, but I just wanted to check in and say hello.
We are, in fact still here, but it's been hard to find the time to blog lately.
Although I'm hangin' on by a thread, I refuse to let the blog die after all of the time I've poured into this thing over the years.

Currently, the Chapster's upstairs taking a nap and Reedo is at the office finishing up a few things while the babe is asleep.

I had 5 sessions this morning. Whoosh!
Speaking of which, Christmas card shoots are what's keeping me so busy - but I'm not complaining... it's a wonderful thing to be busy! After our short time at the beach... where I learned what it's like to have NOTHING to do... I'll take busy any day.
I'm loving this new venture of mine.
There is still a lot to learn (there always is), but I've learned a ton so far and I'm so happy with what I'm doing.

It's December 4th.
I cannot believe - CANNOT believe- that Chaps will be two in five days.
I sound like an oldie, but where has the time gone? It's absolutely insane!

Chaps is growing like a weed and changing so fast it's becoming hard to keep track of it all.
She can say and do so many things. The kiddo understands everything we say and nothing goes over her head these days.

We're gearing up for Christmas over here and I can tell that Chappell is really enjoying this time of year-- even if she doesn't quite understand what the fuss is all about she's certainly enjoying all of the festivities that go along w/ the season.
The "liiiiights" and "chrimus tweee" are her personal favorites.

I'm going to get back to work while Chappy's asleep but I'll be back very soon w/ Chappy's 2 year update.
Ahhhh, the suspense!! It's killing you, I know.

Here are a few babies I've done recently:

(We had to cover his parts while posing/adjusting, right??)


This little man's daddy is a big hunter. He's already sportin' camo. I didn't know they made it so small!


and... Chappy...


Of course she's not looking at the camera. I'm her mom.


Schuyler said...

Beautiful photos! I think you've found your calling...

Caitlin said...

holly! love the pics. and yes we are all still here, anxiously awaiting your new posts!!!!!!!!! (notice the excess punctuation. it means im serious)

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