Wednesday, January 12, 2011


sup folks.
another busy week is flying by.
don't worry, i won't bore you with the details.

i don't have much to say right now... all day long, i come up with great post ideas and then when i actually have a minute to write, the thought is gone.

have i mentioned that chappell is hilarious?
and recently, she's been leaning a little towards the girly side of the spectrum.
she never really cared much for dolls until a week or so ago.
reed's mom got her a madame alexander huggums doll for Christmas (she does every year), and chaps has been pretty into her.
she told me today that her baby's name was "emmy."
as most of you know, emmy is what she calls reed's mom. so, emmy-the-baby, it is.

chaps is really into princesses.
specifically ariel.
she loves the little mermaid and knows all of the songs. we haven't watched in a week or so, but she still sings.
siiiiiiiiiings... and sings and sings.

chappell loves lipstick. she carries it around for hours at a time... "doing her wips."
at first, it was cute... but now i've lost all of my burt's bees chapstick to a two year old.
not like i'm going to give her the good stuff... i have a white couch, you know.
actually... it's still really cute... and i don't mind.

ohhhhhhhhh my lordy i wish i could freeze time.
she's just so precious and innocent and happy and genuine.
i love how curious she is about the world around her... she's constantly asking questions and observing. and those big blue eyes...

i can't help but baby her, but i'm realizing lately that babyhood is almost gone.
she weighs almost 26 pounds now (only 25th percentile these days???), and if i keep carrying her around the way i do i know i'll be crippled by 50.

time for bed...

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