Monday, March 28, 2011

27 Months

Well hello!
Just wanted to check in and say herrro to the ole blog.
Chappy's doing great.
She's currently munching on a lovely rainy day lunch of grilled cheese, pickled okra and watermelon. This meal includes three of her most favorite things to eat, so I'm assuming she's a pretty happy chick right now. The kid goes crazy for anything pickled or salty. So much so, that the check out lady at Publix calls her "okra baby" or "miss okra" because whenever we check out, Chaps is usually chowing down on her own bottle of pickled okra. Well, that and a sample of salami from the deli... funny little lady, no doubt.

I wanted to jot a few things down, so here I go...

Chappell is still rather into playing dress up and sportin' some jewels these days. And, BREAKING NEWS-- she will keep a bow in her hair! Wahoo! I used to have to sneak it in while I was pretending to play with her hair...
Anywho, about a week ago I figured out a way to make it work... I told her that "all princesses wear bows" -- and waaalaa! She is now a bow wearer... because, of course, Chappellina is a princess, and all princesses wear bows.
I wish I could convince her to do things like this forever. I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Recent happenings:
Chappell likes to put on all of her jewelry (clip on earrings, bracelets, numerous necklaces, bow and high heels) walk to the back door and tell us: I'm going to work mommy and daddy, bye bye!!

"Momm, I would like to have some fruit snacks for the road, pweeeeeeeeeease!!"

*Overheard her counting to ten in Spanish yesterday, in perfect order. I have no idea how she learned this, I'm assuming Dora, but I watch Dora with her and I don't really remember any episodes that we've watched counting to ten... school maybe??

Chappell can count to mid 20s. She can identify all of the numbers now and most of the alphabet by sight. She mastered the numbers pretty quickly after playing number puzzles on
Reed's ipad, otherwise known as "daddy's puter." Technology's pretty shweet. Her easel has magnetic letters and that's how we've worked on the alphabet. The magnetic "wetters" are one of her most favorite things to play with. Well, that and her rubber lizards, snakes, baby doll and bottle, Baby Einstein DVD cases (all DVDs and DVD cases for that matter)--- I could go on but I will stop.

Chaps likes to pray for her friends/classmates at naptime...
this reminds me, C told Reed this right when she woke up yesterday:
"Pollard is my best friend. I love Pollard. Pollard is nice."
Seriously?? Where does she come up with this stuff?
Speaking of Mr. Pollard, these two were caught kissing (just a little peck) on the playground at school a few weeks ago and then spotted in what was described to me as "a human pretzel-like position" at school a few days later.
Then, last Monday, Miss Chappell was spotted (in the backseat of my car
) holding hands with Pollard's first cousin, Barnes and affectionately calling him "Pumpkin." She better watch out or she's going to stir something up between the cousins. Ha.
Well, back to editing, just wanted to jot a few things down. I know I'm forgetting a lot but I'll be back soon.

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