Sunday, July 31, 2011

art & band aides

My posts are so sporadic and weird...

We spent a pretty relaxing weekend at home. I had shoots on Friday and Saturday and other than that, we did a lot of nothing!
We went out to dinner with friends on Friday night - it was fun!
It's so nice to get out and enjoy a meal where you aren't constantly thinking of creative ways to entertain a two year old... she's pretty over sorting bags of sugar and splenda... and the salt and pepper lost its appeal months ago...

Anywho, while we were out to dinner, a fabulous babysitter (recommended from the Hoot fam), took care of Chappell. She is super patient, and our child loves her - so it's pretty great. To make her even more awesome, she is an Abrakadoodle art teacher! So every time she comes over I try to get some art supplies or play dough together for the two of them to play with.
This time, Chappell drew a picture of me!??
Margaret (the babysitter) swears that she didn't help Chappell at all. It has a face, two eyes (with X's for pupils... scary???) a nose, mouth and hair (looks like a buzz cut).
I was quite impressed! Margaret said that she was shocked she could even draw a circle.
I need to take a picture of her masterpiece and post it.

Saturday, Reed took Chappell to the pool while I went to my shoot.
When I met Chaps and Reed at the pool, I noticed that Chappell had a pretty bad rash where a Tinkerbelle band aide had been...
Turns out, she's allergic to band aide glue?
Anyone else ever heard of this?
I told my mom about it (because she's probably the only other person on this planet who cares), and guess what? Mimi's allergic to band aide glue and tape as well.
So there ya have it.
But how do I explain to a two year old who loves band aides more than anything else in the world, that she can't wear them anymore?
My mom said she should be fine if she only wears them for short amounts of time...
UMMM, OK?? You try ripping band aides off of this kid.
Tell me how that goes.

Countdown to gender identification... T-minus 3 days... eeeeeeeek!!!!

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Mallory said...

Holland - I had no idea you were about to find out the sex of the baby! So exciting - I can't wait to hear!

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