Thursday, May 13, 2010

I really don't know how to title this post.

Back when I was pregnant and my mind would get a little ahead of itself (as it often does), I thought I would be a spanker. I was spanked on occasion growing up and so was my husband.
But then Chappell was born and I couldn't imagine hitting her.
I just couldn't wrap my head around it- how could I hit (spank) her... for hitting me?
You know what I mean.
How could/would a toddler or small child understand that sort of rationale?
I've been guilty of swatting (patting, really) her hand away from an outlet on occasion... but that's about it.

We talked to our pediatrician about discipline on several occasions and decided to go with a time out/stern talkin'-to plan of attack. And for the most part, this seems to work.
Chaps usually listens when we tell her "no," and often backs away from what she is doing wrong.

Anyways, today she did something that I consider to be unacceptable behavior. I'm not sure if it was part accident / part intentional or what. But she got popped.

She cried. Then I cried after I put her down for her morning nap.

For all of those people about to call DHR, it wasn't that hard-- no hand marks or anything like that. She got over it in about 30 seconds. But it certainly got her attention.

I'm hoping for a better afternoon.


Anonymous said...

So what did she do?

EMILY said...

yeah, what did she do???

Family Snodgrass said...

Oh, Holland, this is something I struggle with too. But Andrew does NOT respond to any discipline short of spanking, so we are definitely spankers. I have to have his obedience in order to keep him safe, so I think it's better to spank if that's what it takes to get it. Not fun! :( But don't cry too're a good mama.

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