Friday, May 7, 2010

Update on Chap Chap

I promise I have the rest of our before/after pictures coming, but I felt as though a Chapster update was needed.
She is doing so much now... and I just don't want to forget!

Chappell loves to give kisses.
Her favorite thing to do is kiss us right on the lips. She takes it very seriously and sometimes slips us some tongue. I love it and think it's hilarious.
The other day, ChaCha was very sweet and gave Bloom a kiss when I asked her to. I like to think of it as Southern Hospitality.
Love it.
This afternoon, I picked her up from the crib after her nap and she gave me a big ole smacker.
So, to sum it up, lots and lots of hugs and kisses lately.

Chappy loves olives, pickles (even pickled okra), asparagus, tomatoes-- all veggies and all things salty. Interesting, huh? I'd say her favorite restaurant right now is Zoes... or maybe Mexican.
She can put away a chicken quesadilla, rice and refried beans in a heartbeat. Unless they are spicy, of course. I'm not worried, I know she'll be chuggin' hot sauce in no time... just like her mama.

When we ask Chappell 'what does the doggie say?' she whispers... 'aaaarrrrf, arrrrf.'
So weird. Always in a whisper. But seriously cute in my opinion.

She understands so much.
She says lots of random words now like:
"juice" (or, juuuussssh)
"wooow" or "WOW" (sort of like Joey)
"heyyyy" (often paired with, "heyyy daddy!")
"cheeeesh," which means cheese

People that know her always comment on how "chatty" she is. Hmm.... wonder where that came from?

Chaps nods yes and no.
When she wants more, she points or opens and closes her hands in the direction of what she wants.
She wears my sunglasses. And thinks that it's hilarious.

Chaps has lots O teeth now. Molars on the bottom and top. However, she is just now getting that fourth-front-left-bottom tooth. She had three for the longest time. I was beginning to wonder if she was going to need an implant at some point. Glad it decided to show up.

Now that Reed has gone back to work, Chappell and I are back on our own until she starts Mothers Morning Out in June. I think she's going to love it. She had fun playing in the nursery this past Sunday!
And, btw-- We are loving Montgomery. It's such a change from the beach and we are happy to be here. I'm a city gal, after all. I know it's not NYC or anything, but I love hoppin' around town and running errands.
Chappell has had such a blast playing with her new friends.

We've been keeping pretty busy-- off to Nashville this weekend!

Nest before/after post coming soon!


Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

Aw, I am so glad you are liking Montgomery. I know how much you love running errands, just wish I could run them with you!
Chuggin' hot sauce, hilarious!
Love that Chaps like's to wear you shades. Can't wait to hear how mommy's day out is!

Holland said...

awwwwwww, mc... i wish we could run 'em, together, too.
can't wait to see you-- chaps will love your accessories, as well!

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