Thursday, November 4, 2010

My lil' Punkin

I wish I could freeze Chappell right now.
I think I've said that every month... of her entire life (well, maybe not when she was getting up each and every hour, on the hour),
I really mean it now.
She is just so precious and adorable and says the funniest things.
It is amazing how much she understands now. She hears and catches everything you say-- so watch out if you come over to our house.
It's just crazy and unbelievable to me... she can count (!) to around 12, say a lot of the alphabet, knows colors, about a zillion animals and sounds... all of her body parts. And that's just the beginning!

She cracks me up. Non-stop. The kid is hilarious.

This morning I told her I was going to the kitchen to make breakfast. She looked at me and said, "I no hungee, mama. No hungee. No hungee."
You probably had to be there...

Last night, I gave her some white cheddar puffs for a little snack before dinner. When she didn't think I was looking I saw her push a few of the puffs off of the table and on to the floor.
She then comes to tell me that she had some "taaash" (very urgently, btw) that she needed to put in the "taaash."
So, one by one, each puff was taken to the trash can. After touching the "taaash," Chaps asked me to wash her "hannnns" in the "ink."
Ohhhh I love that child.

I don't think I've posted since Halloween?
I guess it's been a while?

My best friend from college got married here in Montgomery on Halloween weekend.
Her wedding was FABULOUS!
I cannot wait until her pictures are ready-- since I wanted to fully celebrate her big day, I decided against lugging my camera to the reception.
So.. sadly, that means no pictures to share.
We had the best time.
My mom came up for the weekend to help us take care of Chappell since we had a house full of guests and I was busy with wedding events.
Needless to say, we were a little "tired" on Sunday.
So, Chappell dressed in her costume for a little while and answered the door for trick or treaters.
Next year, we've vowed to step up our Halloween night a little bit.
I'm not feeling too guilty after a month of celebrating Halloween.

Here's our little elephant:
These pictures will also serve as a my reminder to never ever shoot in JPEG again...


1 comment:

Family Snodgrass said...

She is super cute as an elephant! Roll Tide!

And tell me about the never ever again shooting in jpeg it just because of the editing or do you get a better image in RAW? My photog uncle has been trying to convince me to go to RAW, but I've been reluctant because I'm unfamiliar with it and because I've heard it takes up so much space. Will you fill me in? Thanks!

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