Wednesday, September 7, 2011

a few biggies

So I guess we've had a few big milestones up in this hizzy.
First of all, we decided on a name for our son (SO WEIRD to say that!!):
Collier Hutcheson Williams.
We'll call him Collier.
Both of the names come from Reed's side of the fam, and since R's decided not to do a junior I am completely fine with it. I think it kind of makes sense for him to be named after Reed's side of the family and Chappell has two names from my side, so... no arguing from me.

I think I mentioned it on here already but we transitioned from the crib to the big girl bed a few weeks ago.
I hate to say this and have other moms out there hate me, but it's gone flawlessly.
She didn't have one bad night... hasn't crawled out... it's great. Knock on wood.
It's been a really easy transition for her and I think some of that is due to the fact that we waited so long. It really seems to make a difference when you don't push things like this too early...
She was ready, and I'm very glad that we waited so long.
I'm waiting to post a picture of her big girl bed because the headboard and foot board aren't up yet! It's an antique bed that belonged to Reed's great grandfather I believe? It's really cute -- hard to believe a little boy ever slept in it-- but it's missing the rails that attach the pieces... my mom thinks that she has an extra set so hopefully those will be here soon. Otherwise we'll get Reed's dad (who is quite handy) to rig something for us.
My awesome-sweet-otherwise-talented husband is not handy... so he will not be giving it a go.

Next up... potty training!
We attempted this a few months ago however, I gave up when we had to travel via airplane to my uncle's funeral. In retrospect, I'm not sure she was ready then because she had a few teetee accidents... I'm not quite sure if she fully recognized when her bladder was full?
We started again yesterday morning and she's been accident free so far. She's been awesome. We brought her little potty along in the car for a few errands and a trip to the park... and surprisingly, she told me when she had to go! So... as weird as it was to have a potty in the car, it's worked quite well.
I got a little brave and sent her to school in panties today, so we'll see how that went for her...
not to be negative, but I'm sure she had an accident. Today was the first day of school and the place was insane. I highly doubt she made it to the potty... but we aren't going back. It's panties except for nap and bedtime from now on.
She always does best with cold turkey and it's usually her method of choice in these "milestones."
We shall see...

I'm currently 21 weeks... things are just truckin' right along. This pregnancy has gone by so much faster. And I think I'm enjoying it more than the first time around? I'm not spending every moment fixating on it, and it's kind of nice. I know my alone time with Chappell is limited... so I'm really trying to soak up our time together. The good, and yes, the bad.
He'll be here before we know it!

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