Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm world's worst blogger

I'm sorry baby Collier.
I've become the world's worst blogger and a stereotypical second time mom. I promise you are just as important as Chappy, however, when she decided to enter the world I wasn't quite as busy as I am now, and this sister of yours seems to take up a lot of my time.
I'm assuming you'll get used to that... btw, I'm very thankful that you are a boy because I have a feeling you really won't care too much about my blog.

What's new in our world... I've been keeping myself pretty busy with my bizznass, Reed's been busy with work... Chappy's been busy being hilarious, etc., etc.
Chaps is going to school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this year and is loving it! Her teachers are Miss Janice and Miss Jamie, but she still gets to hang out with her old teachers Miss Leanne and Miss Sara Elizabeth and loves them all!

On Tuesday Chaps and I decided to drive up to Birmingham to visit Annie Miff (Smith) because she is in town visiting some of her stores in the South East. I woke up on Tuesday feeling a little "off" after a night of bad (worse than usual, I should say) sleep. However, I just ignored it and threw on some clothes (looking quite disheveled, mind you) and got in the car. It stormed the entire way to Bham and I became increasingly uncomfortable. My stomach was hurting and cramping but I couldn't really figure out what was wrong. Chappell had been sick the Saturday before, but this just didn't feel like the stomach bug. It was a weird sort of discomfort & pain. My ELASTIC pants were starting to feel extra tight as I began having cramping that felt a lot like contractions. Awesomeness.
We got to Birmingham and visited with Miff for a little while and I started feeling even worse.
Reed thought it would be best for me to just get myself back to Montgomery before I ended up stranded in Birmingham. I have lots of friends in the hammer, but let's face it, who wants some sick person to come invade their healthy household? I would check into a hotel room before I brought the plague to one of their houses. Ha!

Soooo... I packed C up and we high-tailed it back to Montgomery. Reed met me at the house. Actually, he was a few minutes late and I was quite angry about it... ha!
After laying down on the couch for a while, I realized I was in fact contracting and called the doctor. I never had braxton hicks or anything like that with Chappell until the very end of pregnancy so I was kind of freaked out.

Then it hit me... the stomach bug. Lovely.
Although I will admit I was relieved to find out that all of the weird stomach symptoms were a side effect of the dehydration and oncoming illness.
I managed to keep some gatorade down eventually and didn't have to go in for IV fluids, which I'm very thankful for. IVs are not my favorite.
Next day, I woke up feeling just dandy. What a whirlwind...

Besides the stomach bug, we've been doing pretty well around here. This pregnancy is breezing on by and in general, I feel great! I'm currently 24 weeks. I'll be 25 on Tuesday. Reed felt some strong kicks last night so that was exciting. I thought that he'd felt the baby last week, but apparently he hadn't. SO, I guess last night was the first kick that he's felt! I could tell that he was really excited to finally "feel" his "little man." Very cute.

Collier is a super active baby in utero... I can only imagine what he'll be like once he gets out of such tight quarters. From what I hear, I have a lot to learn about life with boys. I have no experience whatsoever in that department. I'll figure it out.

Chappell loves talking to baby Collier, and says the cutest things during their little "conversations."

Uhh, baby Collier, when are you going to come out of your home?
I can't wait to see you, sweet baby boy!
Baby Collier, are you sweepin?? Awwww, he's sweepin, mommy. I sing him Hush Little Babies, like on Baby Einstein.
Baby Collier, I can't wait to rock (wock) you, and give you a bottle, and some juice, and sing hush little baby, and you take a nap, and I give you a blankie!!

She cracks me up, sweet girl.
Yesterday, I asked her if she knew what time it was.
She said no.
Then I said, "it's nap time!"
She responded, "it's not nap time, it's Wednesday!"
I thought that was pretty clever...

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Allison & Michael Godwin said...

This is a good start but you have about 800 more hilarious things that C has said that I want to see on here.

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