Monday, January 26, 2009

Long time no blog

Hello. I don't know if anyone still reads this, but I figured I'd do a brief update. We don't have the internet at the beach house, and making time to take the baby and computer to Starbucks has been impossible so far. Here's what we've been up to...

Last week we:
1) Went to visit Lauren and cute Avery-- seriously the most adorable thing ever!
2) Friday Chappell had her hips examined once again, and we just found out today that she's just fine! Awesome news. If her hips were dislocated she would've needed to wear a brace for up to 6 weeks which would've complicated diaper changes - among many other things.
3) Went to Pensacola for the first time!

We got to Pensacola Friday night and ate a nice dinner with mom and dad. The drama began Saturday morning when I woke up with a horrible stomach bug... MC's engagement party was Saturday night. We made a brief appearance and then had to leave. It was such a bummer... we'd been looking forward to the party for a long time and Chappell was hangin' with the grandparents. Supposed to be our first night out -- without a curfew anyways! In the middle of the night, mom came down with it... then Sunday we had big scare when Chappell threw up. We all freaked out... as time went on, she didn't show any other symptoms, and our theory is : dad gagged her with the bottle accidentally, causing projectile spit up. Since we were still sick, Colleen Rogers (our SAVIOR) spent the night with us and watched Chappell since Reed had to return to Grayton for work today. We're going back to the beach house tonight.

Eventful weekend for us!

Friday we drive up to Birmingham to move out our furniture. It's coming along!


Sarah said...

I cannot believe all that you have going on! You're like a real live adult. Weird. Keep posting. I read almost everyday hoping for something new. I love seeing the pictures too. Chapp is so pretty!

Coley said...

I read everday too!!! Please keep up as best you can with the Chapp blog!! I miss you!!! Glad everything is wokring out ok!!

VA said...

Make sure you keep adding pictures like Sarah said! She's already developing some facial features but I cannot decide if it's Reed or you yet. Regardless, she's so cute!

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