Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lake Pics and 18 month Update

At the lake we discovered that Chappell loves to eat watermelon - all by herself!
She had 4 pieces in a row... how did I just discover this? Cutting it up is for the birds.
What a fun summer treat... watching her made me feel like a kid again.

Chappy-appy played in the lake with Daddy...
Drank a few brews...
Lounged around in her underwear...
Ate some more melon...
Posed for mommy...
And even had a few tantrums... because that's what toddlers do!

To sum it up: Chappell loved the lake! She hung out in the water (in a float) for over an hour... she loved it.
I think Reed and I have decided that we will be buying a lake house... anyone in?
Ha. Ha. Ha.


Today Chappell is 18 months old!
And yes, we will be celebrating later on with cupcakes.
Half birthdays (actually, just Chappell's half birthdays) are big around here.

How did this happen? My baby is a year and a half old... this is nUtS!
When you throw in pregnancy... this little bug's been in my life for 28 months.

So what's Chappy doing, you ask? I know you want to hear.
I don't really know where to start...
  • Chappy has a mouth full of teeth. I think (think) she has 12? She is cutting her bicuspids or canines (is that what they are even called?) right now. Sorry for the poor dental analysis. I will have my dentist daddy check her out tomorrow when we are in Pensacola.
  • Chappy is walking/running/climbing/dancing all over the place. She loves to dance, and I must say the kid's got rhythm. She has a new move, similar to the running man. Nice. Speaking of climbing... I'm ordering a crib tent today. Thank the Lord for video monitors... I've been doing some spying and it looks like C's trying to figure a way out of her crib. I don't think she's strong enough yet... but this morning she was certainly trying...
  • Chappell's vocabulary is getting bigger. She can repeat words rather easily, but that doesn't necessarily mean she will use it on her own. Word of the week: HAPPY. Over the past few days one of her favorite things to say is, "Happy Baby, Happy Baby, Ha-pyyy Baby!" Chappell follows almost every action with, "Ideeed," which means, "I did." It's kind of her way of patting herself on the back. If she finds a cool leaf or bug on the floor, she brings it to mommy and says, "I deed!" Very cute. The other night, when Riley gave her a toy, I told her to say 'thank you'... and she did, perfectly!
  • Chappell has been playing so well with kids! I am quite pleased with this because she was kind of a bully in her earlier days. Kids her age don't understand how to share, but once in a blue moon she'll bring a friend a toy... this weekend she kept putting Griffin's paci in his mouth... so we're making progress!
  • Chappell has been taking two naps... until today (cross yo fingas)! We are trying to drop C's morning nap... again. Wish us luck in this arena. I'm determined this time. We tried a few weeks ago, but then C got sick and needed sleep. However, the nap has to go because my "great sleeper" has been waking up at 6:30 for about a week. Um... I want 7:40 back. I'm not cool with anything before 7.
  • Chappell will eat anything. She loves veggies. Pickles are a fave. We still haven't tried peanuts... I guess we should? I don't like peanuts and peanut butter so we never have either one on hand...
That's all I can think of for now.
I'm schleepy from getting up so early.
I know I'm leaving a lot out... be glad, blog world.
We're off to Pcola tomorrow... because... I am finally done with invisilign... whoop whoop.

Oh... check my sista out on The City next Tuesday night on MTV!

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