Wednesday, August 20, 2008

24 Week Appointment!

Yesterday we had our 24 week appointment. Even though I haven't officially hit the 24 week mark, it is still considered the 24th week of pregnancy. All of the weird counting can get confusing. It was the first appointment of the rotations and we met one of the group's other partners, Dr. Favor. She was really nice, and everything looked great! One interesting tid-bit... The bottom-top measurement of your uterus corresponds with how many weeks preggo you are. Example: yesterday at 24 weeks, my uterus was 24 inches top to bottom. Maybe she meant centimeters. Inches sounds way too big. Very interesting...
Besides the usual (peeing in a cup, getting weighed, taking blood pressure) nothing too interesting happened. The doctor said her heartbeat was very characteristic for a baby girl. Strong and a little bit faster than boys. We scheduled our big 3-D ultrasound! September 16th. So pumped about that! That same day I have to take the dreaded glucose test. Oh well, you take the good w/ the bad.
This weekend we are going to Ozark. I will be sure to take some pics to post!


Allison said...

24 inches that is 2 feet! And yes I knew this because anne did that to me! Ha!

Coley said...

I can't wait to see the 3D pics! You MUST send to me!! I'm so excited for you and Reed :)

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