Friday, August 1, 2008

Maternity Bathing Suits... 20 Weeks, 5 days

Everyone knows how much I love bathing suits. Especially now that I weigh 15 pounds more than usual. Actually-- 15 is a stretch. It's probably more like 20 at this point. Anyways, we are going to Lake Martin this weekend with some of Reed's law school friends and he basically forced me to buy a maternity bathing suit last night. Knowing that I will probably wear this thing once... Target was the way to go. Check it out. Hysterical.
If I'm brave enough, I will take some pics and post on Monday.
Pregnancy wise, things are going great. She kicks all the time now and they get a little stronger every day. I'm finally starting to get recognized... which is nice, because at least people know now that I have a reason for being so fat! Last night at dinner, our waitress at Applebees made a comment. Yes, we were "eating good in the neighborhood." Reed had an odd craving for the Steak & Riblets. Even after seeing it, I'm not quite sure what a "riblet" is. Gross.

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Sarah said...

Holland, I'll bet you look hot! I can't recall actually ever seeing you in a bathing suit, so I'm so proud. I'm going out for some riblets tonight myself I think. Thanks for the suggestion, Reedo!

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