Monday, March 30, 2009


This weekend was a big weekend (in our little world) on several fronts.

1) Moving into our new house
2) Chappell switched formula (yet again… I think this is the 8th or 9th time?)
3) Chappell moved out of our bedroom Sunday night – actually turned out to be really sad…
The move went rather smoothly. I guess as smoothly as one would expect. Mom and Dad came over, which was a great help. Dad didn’t really do much… he warned me before, “I will not be doing any heavy lifting.” Thanks, Dad. Like I really figured you would? However, he was good at entertaining Chappell while we were busy doing other things. We had a few challenges… our movers were thugs (I think most are), it was pouring down rain the whole time they packed up our storage unit, and poor Chaps wasn’t feeling so hot. BUT, I will go into that in my next paragraph. By the way, in regards to my “thug” comment… I wouldn’t have said that, but they were so rude and ruined a lot of my things. They tracked dirt all through my new house and insisted on dragging their big wheel dollies inside instead of carrying the boxes to their specific destinations. They stepped on linen bags with muddy feet. They turned my white couch brown. Scratched my walls and tons of my furniture. On top of that… they had a really bad attitude. Nufff said.
All in all, I think it looks pretty good! I’m currently waiting on the cable guy to install the cable and internet. I’ll post pics later today or tomorrow.
So, about the formula. Chappell loved the taste of the soy, but it was giving her serious fits of constipation. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen/been through. Over the past week I’ve gotten to be best friends with the nurse at my pediatrician’s office. We tried all of the natural remedies… apple juice (3.5 ounces twice a day – that’s a lot), warm baths, tummy rubs, exercising her legs. Nothing seemed to work long term. Just a heads up to any of you that are moms (I think there are umm… 2), glycerin pediatric suppositories (I think made by Fleet) are amazing. They are made for 2 to 5 year olds but the pharmacist (and another mom friend) told me to just break it in half. They aren’t harmful to the baby in any way… no stimulants. Awesome. She was having the worst time and lemme tell you- those things clear a baby out in about 5 minutes. For all of my college friends without kids, I’m sorry. You’ll probably never read this blog again. Just remember for the future I guess!? We’re trying Enfamil lactose-free, milk based formula. How they make a milk based formula that is lactose free is beyond me. Thought the two went hand in hand.
Finally, on to the last major milestone of the weekend: Last night was the first night Chappell slept away from us… in her own room – in her crib! After I put her to bed… I came to the sad realization that this is all going by way too fast. You wait an eternity (9 months) for this little person to get here… and once the baby’s born time just flies. I almost started to cry when I looked over the side of the bed and she wasn’t there. I think I went upstairs to check on her 3 times. Heck, it would’ve been many more if I didn’t have that TV monitor!
Even though I’ve never been more tired (and sometimes frustrated) in my entire life… I can’t believe she is almost 4 months old. It’s all happening way too quickly! I just want her to stay this way forever.
Here is a picture of Chappell sitting with a picture of me at 6 months old. Dad got some of her smiling and it was kind of creepy. I'll get his pictures later... I only got a frown!


Allison said...

I am with you. It does all go by way too fast. I have not yet made that leap and moved Riley into his own room...pitiful I know. But I will soon, and I am going to be really sad. And you did a great job of posting about her issues without giving all the details.

etalbert715 said...

I cannot believe how much ya'll look alike... smile or not!!!!!

Sarah said...

OMG! Yall are twins! Big weekend, and even I'm pissed about the movers. A$$holes. I wouldn't have paid. Can't wait to see pics of the new place. i miss you and hope I get to see you and Chapps soon!

Sarah said...

and reedo of course

Coley said...

I think Chappell looks so much like Reed too though! It's in her cheeks!! I love reading this blog, keeps me so entertained, even reading about the poop is funny... someday!! haha Love you!!

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