Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

This weekend was so busy it didn't really feel like a weekend. After Reed got home around 6:30 on Friday night, we drove to Ozark. Once we arrived we ate a quick dinner and it was already time to put Chappell down for the night. I decided to bring her Summer video monitor and test it out. Lemme tell you... that thing is the best invention ever. EVER. It was the first time we used it and we're hooked. We fed Chappell and rocked her a little, but apparently she wasn't quite ready to fall asleep. Chappell will be 12 weeks tomorrow, and as hard as it was, we decided to let her "cry it out" all by herself for the first time. I'll let her cry a little most nights now (starting about 2 weeks ago), but I'm usually right there to pop that paci back in. Anywho, we went downstairs and watched her on the screen until she fell asleep. It only took about 3-4 minutes... which was fine with a big glass of wine. I know it might sound mean to let her cry by herself in the crib, but my pediatrician (and most books) recommended it. Starting at three months, you're actually supposed to. Rocking a baby to sleep can cause bad habits down the road - and prevent them from learning how to fall asleep on their own.
She is consistently sleeping through the night now. It's awesome. She goes anywhere from 7 to 8ish hours, and once we're in the new house we'll try to increase that. I'll start putting her to bed a little earlier.
We finally met cousin Mary Parker! She is so cute- the cousins look nothing alike. Chappell will have to camp out under an umbrella and MP is tan tan tan. She has a ton of dark hair - it's adorable!
Danielle took pictures on her camera of the babies playing and should be e-mailing them sometime this week. With their different schedules, it seemed like one was asleep or eating most of the time. I missed their playtime sleeping in. Oops. Maybe a little hungover from the party Saturday night? It's hard not to have some fun after 11 1/2 months of pregnancy and nursing!
Chappell is getting so strong. She sits up (with a little help from us), and has almost complete control of that big noggin. She turns her head all around - she is so alert. She's grabbing now and I think it might be time to take out my earrings. I'm surprised my necklace hasn't broken yet... she grabs it constantly. And, she is quite the talker! Wonder where that came from? It's hilarious... I really think that she thinks (whew, wordy) I can understand her. We talk back and forth and it's so much fun. I'm loving this interaction - finally! She loves it when I copy her sounds. Ughhh her smile makes us melt! I know that laugh is coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's so mature! I wish I could spend a week with you and just play play play with her. Though it sounds like hard work, you seem to have the hang of it, and she sounds like so much fun. I can't believe you're a mom...still!

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