Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trip to P-Cola

The self inflicted changes in Chap's feeding schedule have caused her some trouble sleeping through the night for the past few days.  After a busy weekend w/ guests, I was looking forward to sleeping until at least 6am on Monday... and Tuesday!  This did not seem to be Chappell's plan, as we were up doing feedings twice a nice to catch up on her caloric intake.  Flashback to about 1-2 months ago.  After two nights of this I just had to get to Pcola so mom could take her one night.  Reed's sad that we left, but he can't stay up with her with work the next morning.  It's nice enough of him to go downstairs and heat up the bottles for her late night feedings.  I am very thankful that he does all baby-nighttime work on the weekends to let me sleep.  I've always been the kind of person who REQUIRES sleep.  If I get too rundown and tired, I always get sick... not to mention really cranky!
Anyways, so I drove over to the Golden Pear where I was immediately greeted with a glass of wine, facial and a pedicure.  Much better..... much better!  Now I'm refreshed enough to go back tonight.  Reed's taking Chaps to Baypoint w/ his family for the weekend since I have MC's bachelorette weekend.  New house in 7 days!
Here is a pic of Chappell staring at her beloved Baby Einstein DVD:

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Sarah said...

Smith seems to be enjoying them too. Your mom is awesome. Have fun this weekend. Where are yall going?

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