Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm not a mind reader

Once I finally think I’ve figured this child out, she throws me right off. After all of our past formula drama, Chaps seemed to be happy on Nutramigen. Well, for the past couple of days, our big eater has been on strike. I haven’t been able to get her to take even half of a bottle. And it’s been a struggle to get half down the hatch. For moms who know what I’m talking about… I can’t get her to eat more than 3 ounces?? So, I called the pediatrician and they had us come in this morning. Nothing is wrong with her. They examined another dirty diaper (gross), and weighed her. She weighs 13 pounds! When I say that I’ve had to fight for 3 ounces, I mean baby arms flailing with all of her 13 pound might. Then she spits formula in my face. My once laid back baby has developed some major stubbornness. Hmmmm, wonder where that came from?
I wouldn’t care, but I can literally hear her stomach growling and I know she’s hungry because she’ll start eating and then suddenly stop. Very strange.
Anyways, the doctor said that she might just be going through some sort of a phase and it shouldn’t last long. She also said it’s possible for her to be teething. Another suggestion was to limit all stimulation during feedings. No TV, and not too much noise. Chappell has definitely discovered TV so I’ve been avoiding that anyways. It freaks me out when she stares so intently at Reed’s beloved ESPN. Who knows. Sometimes I wish this little girl could talk. It would make life a lot easier!


Allison said...

Chappell looked too beautiful for words in that dress !!!!!

Allison said...

I feel your pain. I know that must be insanely frustrating! And the crying and crankiness to go along with it must make it so hard. And then the tenser you get the tenser she is an evil cycle. Good luck I hope it passes soon.

Pretty funny I left you that voicemail last night about feeding advice!

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