Sunday, October 25, 2009

For now

Reed and I just got back from Birmingham a couple of hours ago.
We had a mini-vacay of sorts - got a stellar hotel room (details later) and went to the BAMA game.
Roll Tide my friends.

Chappell stayed in Pensacola with my parents.
We got home past her bed time, so I decided to pick her up in the morning. I wish she was upstairs... snoozing away in her crib.
I miss my ChaCha!
But, I know she is perfectly content chillin' with her MiMi and Nanny-Claus.
For proof, see pic below:

Chappy is modeling my first home made dress.
Although it lacks style, is poorly constructed, and is composed of cheap Wal-Mart fabric... I am still quite proud of it.
And Chappy likes it too.

1 comment:

Smith said...

I love this picture....awww it makes me miss baby and Dad

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