Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phew! We made it.

I'm home.
I'm currently steering clear of countless bags that need to be unpacked. Not now. I can't.
In terms of this post... I don't really know where to start. This was a big week for me and my little Chappellina.

Last Wednesday, we headed over to Pensacola. The next morning, we were forced to get up far too early to drive over to Brewton, AL for a 9 am appointment. I had to wake my poor child from a deep sleep about an hour before she normally wakes... something I will never do again (unless I absolutely have to).
Somehow we managed to get everyone dressed & ready and arrive on time.
My sweet cousin was kind enough to watch my 10 month old and her own 18 month old while we were at the meeting - a brave soul, indeed.
When the meeting was over, I was horrified to learn that my baby refused her lunch and wasn't exactly in the best mood. Perhaps from being woken up, or an impending illness (more on that later) - I don't know... but you never want your kid to give someone else a hard time! It's just embarrassing.
I owe you a humongous favor, Meredith!

On the way out of Brewton, we hit up the local Huddle House and ran into my friend Allison's grand-parents-in-law. (Is that a word?)
You gotta love a small town. Everyone knows everyone, and you can't go anywhere without seeing someone.

I am proud to report that, once again, Chappellina was a champion on the car ride up to Georgia. We actually made pretty good time. We were cruising along until we dove head first into a monsoon around Opelika, AL. We pulled over to ride it out and I was almost charred alive after exiting a gas station.
I've never seen/heard/felt lightening like that in my life. Uber scary.

We eventually arrived in Atlanta. Sister Smith and Ferrill (Chappellina's fairy Godmother) picked me up from the hotel and off to dinner we went. Tacos and a margarita never tasted so good.

Friday was Day 1 of the Apparel Mart. The day before (Thursday), Smith and her sales associate, Collier set up the booth. It looked pretty dern good if I say so myself.
It's been such a cool experience to see my sister's creative vision become a (successful) reality.
I have to admit, when she first told me of her plans to start a clothing line, I was skeptical.
I thought...
"in this economy?"
"right out of school?"
"how in the Hell are you going to do this??"

But the girl knows what she wants, and she's making it work... it's pretty impressive.

Over and over, people approached the booth to compliment my sister on her talent and product.

The point of my blabbering, is: Smitten by Smith had an awesome market. We added many new stores and met some exceptional people. New stores & info will be posted here.

Here are a few pics that I stole from Grant...

{Floors and floors of apparel MADNESS}

{The hilarious and awesome Smitten by Smith team! I love these peeps. L to R: Collier, Grant, Smitty and myself}

{Cell phone pic of Smitten by Smith booth # 439}

{Apparel Mart Fashion Show... models wearing Smitten by Smith... I missed it due to a migraine... }

{Me & my Chappy at dinner}

{Happy as a lil' ole clam eating some bread. She stole a piece from the kind neighbors behind her}

Changing gears:
Chappell had an interesting trip to the big ATL. We certainly had a few ups and downs...

I am happy to report that our trip to Atlanta cleared Chappell's case of stranger anxiety right up. I think a big city was just what the doctor ordered.
One trip to Lenox mall and the kid was cured.
This is half joke/half theory.
I don't really know what happened, but she's been pleasant, smiley & even flirty with strangers ever since.
It was bound to happen.
Lord knows I've been trying hard to prevent it (furiously wiping any and all surfaces w/ Clorox & Purelling like a feign), but my little baby finally got sick.
Like, "for real" sick. It was as scary as I imagined.
of course,
it happened while we were out of town.
Crammed in a hotel room.
With our pediatrician hundreds of miles away.

We took Chapps to a pediatrician in Atlanta. They discovered that her throat was red and inflamed. She tested negative for Strep and (I suppose) through process of elimination, her illness was deemed a throat virus.
Chappy is now on the mend and all that really lingers is a nasty cough.
Poor little booger. She was pitiful.

I mean... look at her!

Chappellina is very happy to be home, and even happier to be back w/ her beloved "dada."

Well, I need to get to unpacking. More to come later.


etalbert715 said...

So sorry the you and Chaps got sick... migraines are the pits! On a happy note, I LOVE my Smitten jumper and cannot wait to wear this weekend! :)

Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Smith said...

Thanks for your supportive words sister. You are the best and I appreciate all of your help with Smitten by Smith! I just saw Emily's comment..I am so glad she likes the jumper! I hated that Chappster got sad.Love you!

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