Monday, April 5, 2010

Fe's Wedding and Easter 2K10

This weekend one of my bestest friends got married. Her name is Ferrill.
And lemme tell ya, the wedding was absolutely spectacular. This came as no surprise.
After attending her sister Jane's wedding (only 6 months ago), I expected nothing less than pure fabulos-ity!
The McMahons know how to throw one heck of a wedding, that's for sure.

The wedding weekend kicked off with a Fish Fry on Thursday evening at the Carr's beach house. I ate my weight in mullet, grouper & hush puppies. The dinner was catered by Chet's and they did not disappoint. I don't know if you are a fan of The Food Network... but Andrew Zimmern did a segment on Pensacola about a year ago and featured Chet's. It's pretty goooode.

Friday I ran around like a chicken (sans head) to get ready for the wedding. You know... the important things... haircut & a nail appointment... and who could forget, a nEked (nEked = naked) spray tan. I think I'm addicted.
The rehearsal dinner was at the Lee House. The Lee House is a new B&B in downtown Pcola.
It was gorgeous-- and the weather was perfect all weekend. I threw back a few cocktails and successfully (sort of) read my speech. I got laughs on 2 for 3 jokes. But jeeze Louise... I heard crickets on that one...

Saturday was the main event. I am super proud to announce that Chappy made it down the isle all by herself!
In case you didn't know, Chappell was one of Ferrill's flower girls.
I still can't believe it -- she MADE IT!
Phew-- that was a load off.
She also got her groove on at the reception... that kid loves to dance. I can't wait to see the pictures.

All in all-- it was a perfect weekend.
I just want to say, sorry this is so brief (and rushed)-- I am waiting on my sister to finish getting ready... and we are headed to Louis Louis (the new sister restaurant to The Red Bar) for a drank!

Enjoy our Easter pictures-- more on the move later!

Just a little excited to play with tissue paper...
Where is Chappell??
She doesn't stop running these days...


Sarah Waters said...

A. I want to see pics from the wedding and our little flower girl.
B. Spray tans rock my world, though I haven't been able to afford the hand spray in a while, and you've made me jealous. I've been a booth girl as of late.
C. More on the move. I know you said it was coming, but I want to hear more.

Family Snodgrass said...

Her Easter dress is bee-yoo-tee-ful! And you look great!

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