Thursday, April 8, 2010

A few from Fe's Wedding

I am still waiting on Ferrill's professional photogs (the incredibly talented Cooks of Cook Images) to post pictures from the wedding on their blog.
But until that happens, I hacked a few pictures off of one of my other best pals, (Mary Carolyn)'s new blog.

Her blog is called Petals, Pearls, Panache - and features many of her personal "do it yourself" home projects.
Did I mention she works for Flower Magazine? Yup, she's good with flowers, too.
The girl is talented.
She can do anything.
Although I can't help but quiver at the thought of that girl with a drill.
I bring it up often, but she has driven into my car at least 4 times... while waving hello...


Anonymous said...

You look precious! Should I alert the authorities on pic #2?

Mary Carolyn Rentz said...

OHHHH no, now everyone in blog land knows 2 things about me #1 I'm a friendly driver (always waving) #2 I occasionaly "tap" into those I love the most :) haha quiver at the thought of a drill, trust me, Daniel does too!
Thanks for the shout out, love you, miss you!

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