Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I think I've checked out. Mentally, that is.
All I've done for days is pack, pack, pack.
Yesterday I went to the UPS store to get some more peanuts and bubble wrap.
When it was time to pay, I handed the clerk my entire Hobo wallet. It's a pretty big wallet.
And yes, she thought I was crazy.

It's April 14th-- 15 days till moving day.
You might as well subtract 6 days from that because we're going out of town this weekend and the next...
But I can't complain-- we are SO excited!

This weekend we're headed up to Lake Martin for Reed's annual Iron Bowl Cup golf tourney.
It should be a lot of fun... however, I'm gonna have to throw back the cocktails to forget about all of the packing I have to do.
I am very proud to report that the entire kitchen is packed up! In my opinion, that's the worst part!

Reed's last day is tomorrow...

1 comment:

Patricia said...

Can't wait to have yall here! It was great to see you Saturday night!

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