Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i can't keep up

i'm not complaining - i'd rather be busy than bored... but things have been so crazy, i'm having a hard time keeping up with the blog!
so... to keep it quick, i'm throwing proper punctuation out the window.
hence the fact that this post will be done in all lower case letters.

where do i begin?
i suppose i'll start with last weekend. not the 4th, but the weekend before.
we went to atlanta on sunday, june 27th.
that night we went to dinner to celebrate the Doc's birthday.
doc is my dad.

my mom didn't like my dad's name (harold) so she (basically) changed it when they got together.
strange, i know, but true. who just changes their significant other's name?
now everyone calls him doc.

back to our evening...
after dinner, chappell went back to smith's apartment with my parents.
we decided to take advantage of our freedom.
reed and i tried several bars around virginia highlands but kept walking out. i think we did this 3 times.
we wanted somethin' a little "fancier" for our big trip to the citAy.
how RED did that sound??
something about the word "fancy" and "classy" just rub me the wrong way. ick.
we ended up at the W hotel.
i anxiously waited for p diddy and his rapper friends... but they never showed.
we were actually the only ones there?
maybe that had something to do with the fact that it was Sunday...

the next morning we loaded up and went to breakfast at Flying Biscuit.
it was pretty-dern-good.
after that, we were off to the Georgia Aquarium.
i'm not sure chappy was quite old enough to take much away from the aquarium, but, she did learn the word, fishie.
pronounced: ishie. silent F.
i think she enjoyed watching the fish swim around...

and last but not least, Reed's shark face:

monday night, we went to the braves/nationals game.
reed and dad were pretty excited to see the national's new pitcher (strasburg) play.
it was my first mlb baseball experience.
i'm not a baseball fan, but i actually enjoyed it. much better than tv anyways. i'm a fan of the kiss cam.
in case any of you were wondering, i did NOT bring chappell to the game.
she stayed with my mom's best friend's (remember Nina from the house makeover?) daughter, Wesley.

when we got back to montgomery, it was time to get the house ready for smith's sample sale at my house. prepping a house for people can be a little bit stressful.
i think everything turned out well -- and people actually showed up-- smith sold some clothes. all in all, it was a successful event!

Above, is the dining room... I never got to the before/after!
Chappy didn't want a picture... but Auntie Miff looks pretty.

did i neglect to mention that chappell started mother's morning out on June 21st?
yes... the big girl started "school."
it is so strange and (heart wrenching) to drop her off at MMO, but i think it's good for her. maybe not so good for her health-- haha, she got a cold right after she started.
the cold went away a few days ago... and i'm sure she'll get another one when she goes back.
i'm not quite sure she likes MMO yet... whenever i get her out of her car seat and she realizes where we are, she starts to get upset and acts kind of stressed out and nervous. the tears start when i hand her off to her teacher.
supposedly, it only takes her a few minutes to calm down...

have i mentioned that chappell is still working on those canine teeth? i'm pretty sure that 2 have broken through... i need to check again.
teething brings me to sleeping.
as far as sleeping goes, it's been pretty erratic.
this weekend (at the beach), she woke up pretty early.
day 1: 7:20, day 2: 5 am, day 3: 6:30 am. ahhh!
today she slept until 7:40...

onto my cutey-tooty-toddler!
i can't keep track of all of chappellina's new tricks! she is a talking machine lately.
chappell loves it when we say "rolllllllllll tide," and yells out: "tide!," "tide!" immediately following "rollllllll..." - we are still working on putting roll and tide together.
she can say many words.
and loves to mimic me.

more on chappy and all of that talking later.
more on the 4th later.
enough for now!

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VA said...

She's getting so big! I love the hair. She's a beaut! Miss you.

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