Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"car"... sometimes "car," sometimes "cahhh"
me: whats the car say? "beep beep beep beep"
me: what's the duck say? "quackkk quaaaack quackkk"
me: say cheese! "cheeeeeeeeese" and smiles for a picture
"buh bye! buh bye! buh bye!" -- says this (and waves) when we are leaving or when something ends or when she wants me to leave her alone...
me: what's the doggie say? "arrrrrf, arrrrf, arrrrrf"
"fishie" = ishie
"juice," pronounced: juuush
rollllll "TIDE"
"peepee" - means what you think... peepee
...(sometimes) when I ask Chappy if she has a poopy diaper, she looks up at me with those big baby blues and says... "poopoo??"
gross - I know. however, the goal is for Chappell to recognize when she has to go to the bathroom... because understanding is necessary for POTTY training! which i plan to be doing in a few months! we're going to try around 2... i think.
"yooooooooogabbigabbi!" - her favorite show, yo gabba gabba
"eeeeeyyyyyyyyysss" (eyes)
"uddy" means buddy (reed's dad)
"happy chappy"
"i see you"
"i deeeeeed" = i did
"cow" "moo"
"thank you" (only a few times)

chappell says new words every day. she can mimic pretty much anything... so watch out.
i just wanted to jot down some words that she says pretty regularly for prosperity's sake.
i don't want to forget.
i can't keep up!!

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