Thursday, July 29, 2010

on my mind...

if i could only organize all of my crazy thoughts, i think i could be a decent blogger...

but i can't... so i'm not! a decent blogger, that is.
i run into problems when it's time to tie (said ideas) and thoughts together...
so my blog posts end up looking more like lists, which makes a whole lot of sense... considering i'm quite the list maker.
i can make a mean list.
reed tells me your "to do" list should never consist of more than seven items.
for today,
here's what's rollin' around inside of my noggin.

i am so much happier here.
like (yes, i can talk like a 12 year old because it's my blog)... it's amazing how much happier.
just take this little bit of advice-- i am more than happy to offer --
never move to a new place immediately following birth!
having a baby is such a huge/life altering experience...
then throw moving in...
and you'll find yourself in a pretty icky situation.

something else that has been making me happy lately: exercise.
it's so weird because i used to hate exercising.
but now, it makes me SO... happy! afterwards, of course.
i'm only on week 3, so far, i've only missed one day... and i felt so bad on the day that i skipped. i'm well aware that it is impossible to exercise every day, but i am going to try as hard as i can.

when i'm working out... i can listen to music... watch tv... and just be by myself. mentally.
it's nice to think and reflect.
of course - i love my family-- i love my husband, i love my baby -- but there's something truly wonderful about putting on a pair of headphones and zoning out.
it's also been pretty cool (i mean gratifying) to see my endurance increase.
now, if i could get my booty to decrease... we'd really be on to something.
{that just takes time, right?}

so... to make it simple:
exercise + some friends + family = happy holland ---> happy me = happier family


back to normal talk. of course, we have a busy weekend ahead.
i'm learning that it will (most likely) never slow down.
friday night, reed is playing in a 3 man scramble. i like the word scramble.
sccccraaammmmmmble. i think it's the "amble" part that i like.
even though i don't play golf, it sounds like a lot of fun... the balls glow in the dark! how neat is that?
before the guys play, we're going to eat dinner w/ the "team," including the wives & fiances, of course.
after the guys start scrambling (ba ha), I plan on enjoying a nice glass of wine.
and yes, we have a sitter.
i'm going to cry when our sitters go back to school in a few weeks.

saturday morning it's up and at em to get to Ozark in time for a bridal shower.
who's the lucky lady?
Casey soon to be Quattlebaum.


Casey is marrying Reed's best friend, Wes.
The two of them have been best friends since they were babies and I like to think of him as sort of a brother in law.
Reed's parents are hosting their engagement party Saturday night and we can't wait!
The Willy's always put on a good party and I hear Reed's dad is making margaritas. Yikes.
We are so excited for Wes and Casey.
And even more excited because we love Casey.
He did gooooode. Or well, for you grammar snobs.


I'll leave you with this final question.
Does your toddler just love panties??
Chappell thinks they make the most gorgeous necklaces in all the land.



Family Snodgrass said...

Yay for being happy! :)

Anne said...

you've always been such a feene for exercise, especially during tennis practices back at CatHigh...

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