Monday, July 26, 2010

our weekend + the zoo

hi friends.

it's hot.
so dang hot.

reed and chappy both caught summer colds. lucky for me, i've been spared.
reedo went to the doctor yesterday and after a few x-rays (didn't know they did that) was diagnosed with a sinus infection.
summer colds are the worst!

we were supposed to go to birmingham on saturday for a good friend's wedding. it was a bummer to miss, but i didn't want reed or chappy to suffer through a trip... sleeping in another bed (or pack n play) when they weren't feeling well.
i felt bad on friday (so bad that i called a babysitter to come watch chappell all morning)... and was convinced that i was coming down with a cold as well, but then felt fine again on saturday. weirdness.

we did our best to salvage the weekend. we watched a movie, and even took chappell on her FIRST zoo trip yesterday!
i was a little nervous as we headed towards the montgomery zoo in the middle of a monsoon... but reed insisted that it was "clear towards the zoo" and that we'd be fine.
the first 30 minutes of our zoo excursion were in the rain. but it wasn't so bad.
it actually made the heat somewhat bearable... once the sun came back out it was over 100 (and something) degrees and miserable!

chappellina loved the zoo. she loved the the "piggies" (african wart hogs i think), elephants, tigers and ducks. her favorite animal sound is "raaaaaaaaaoar!" - but somehow... we missed the lions. she seemed to enjoy the zoo much more than the GA aquarium.
interesting... ?

chappell is talking so much!
we think she is absolutely hilarious.
she loves to say: "bye bye!! seeeeeyoulater!!"
she can say Chappell now, but refers to herself as "chappy" often.
hmmmm... i guess this is 100 % my fault.
she can say so many things. it's becoming difficult to keep up and i don't have time to write them all down right now.
some of the cuter ones...
"one, two, trrrrreeeee," "peeeese" and "tank you" or "thankie" and some of the colors. "puuuhhple" is her favorite.
we are workin', workin'.

chappell is currently at mothers morning out - and time's a wastin'!
i just wanted to check in.
i'll leave you with a few cell phone pics of the zoo.
i was super bummed that i couldn't bring my good camera into the zoo. it was raining pretty hard and i didn't want to risk it.

my cutey tootie (almost inside) the elephant exhibit.

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Erin Caden Rogers said...

We love the Montgomery Zoo! Did you know that you can get a year long family pass for $50? Also, a year long family tran pass for $20? Its an amazing deal.

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