Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am such a Sketchball

Today has been interesting thus far.
I dropped Chappell off at Mother's Morning Out and then proceeded with a most important mission.

The Mission: Pay for Photoshop, All-By-Yourself

So. First stop: Plato's Closet
I went through my closet last night and found some items to consign.
Plato's Closet thinks rather highly of themselves and requires that clothes be "gently worn" and still "trendy." They also require that the clothing is no more than 18 months old. Hmm.
I'm not very trendy these days. Fact is, I'm a mom. If I'm showered and wearing makeup... it's a good day.
So I pull up to Plato's with my huge IKEA bag of "trendy" clothes. They let me walk next door to TJ Maxx as they rummage through my belongings.

This is how I did:


Me: Ummm, excuse me, but this is a Betsey Johnson dress - it's in perfect condition?? It retails for around 200?
Plato Girl: Well, I would pay you more, but there's a little pull in the fabric at the bottom.
Me: OK

After I left the consignment store I was feeling just a tad bit sad. The Student Edition of Photoshop CS5 is around $200... and I really want to pay for it myself!
11 dollars and 20 cents later... I wasn't much closer to photography greatness. Ha.

Then the pawn shop (that shall remain nameless) happened.
I pulled up to the building in our ever preppy volvo.
The building --an architectural BEAUT -- was complete with bar covered windows and neon yellow signs.
I marched on in with my zip lock bag full O' gold.
Being a pawn shop virgin, I asked the man why the door wasn't locked (like the sign said it should be) and if it was safe for me to be there alone.

Pawn Shop Man said: Everyone in here right now is a friend and they're all carrying loaded guns. Plenty of people have tried to rob me but let's just say that none have been successful.

I'm all by myself in a sketchy pawn shop with five shady men all packin' heat.
I could just picture the 5 o'clock news...

Disclaimer: Mom, I want you to know that I didn't sell anything of value or sentiment. Just tacky stuff that was sitting in my jewelry box collecting dust.
You know what I mean... dolphin earrings, unfortunate looking gifts from ex-boyfriends (ha), earring backs - JUNK.
Again, Mother, I would never sell any family pieces of jewelry. Please don't take me out of the will. Ha!

And now I can buy Photoshop. Hoorah!

Indeed. A satisfying day in the hood.


Jennifer Trott said...

love it! GOOD.FOR.YOU!

Kim and Thomas Gross said...

so you mean you got around $189 from the pawn shop for your gold?

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