Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mini Update

I feel like a horrible parent.
I've neglected to do Chapster updates. Eeek!
It's just so overwhelming because she is doing so much.

Well, yesterday I was blown away!
Maybe she was supposed to be doing this months ago - who knows - nevertheless, I was floored.
She started saying her ABC's!
Well, sort of.
It started like this...

For the past few days, I've been hearing a lot of this:
"Abeeshees, Abeeshees, Abeeshees"
Over. And over. Again.

I didn't really pay too much attention - if you know my child, you know she's constantly talking and talking and talking.
Some of this chatter is English, some is gibberish. She's Chapplingual.

Anywho, yesterday, she handed me Chicka Chicka ABC and started up again:
"Abeeshees, Abeeshees, Abeeshees."

I started singing the alphabet, and she chimed right in. She can sing up to E (most of the time).
And repeat.

I was so excited! She was so proud.

And since I'm on topic, I would like to record some other funny things she says/does.

Ahh hem:
*"What's dis?? What's daaat?" = What's this? What's that?
(this and that are always dramatic, with emphasis on the end of the word - unless she is excited then it's quick and repeated over and over...)
*"Home! Home! Home!" = whenever we drive down our street or pull in the driveway
*"Roll Tide!!"
She can also say Julio :)
*Wants to call "mimi" (my mom) constantly. She knows how to use my phone. Dang speed dial. If you get a call from me and it seems random or unexpected, it's probably her.
*Pretty much knows all animals... except the really weird ones... she probably wouldn't identify an armadillo... but you get the point. She can make their sounds, etc.
*Her vocabulary is pretty dern large at this point. She can put together small sentences... 2-3 words together.
*Tells me when she is about to go poopoo... are we getting close to the dreaded potty training? I hope not.

More on Chaps later. Bed time!

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