Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Riley Man

So... last night while Reed was playing tennis I decided to jet on over (like, stuffed some food down the toddler's face and ran) to the Godwin's house to get a little photo-practice on
Mr. Riley Earl Godwin.
Since Reed wasn't home, Chappell (of course) had to go with me.
Allison was at a work event, so it was just me and Michael verses two toddlers and a semi-busy street.

Wasn't the best shoot ever.
I only got three (seriously - THREE!) shots of Riley.
When toddlers are involved... it gets complicated!


Even though I didn't do the best job (keeping Chaps out of the street was a priority) ... Riley's super-cuteness certainly helped me out!

Here are the other two:


and since Chappell was there, too...


1 comment:

Allison & Michael Godwin said...

I think they are awesome!! Even thought I looked at them last night I had to look at them as soon as I got into work this morning too! I can't believe that in all that chaos you were able to get even one great picture.

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