Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Schoooool Days...

I just realized that Chappell will be 21 months on the 9th - and I have yet to get her 20 month update finished.
I started the post, but she is doing and saying so many funny things these days I never had the time to finish!
I suppose you will be getting a 21 month progress report instead... in a few days, that is.

Today Chappell started Mother's Morning Out again!
Her new teacher and the director both told me that she had a great first day!
They said Chappell "didn't skip a beat" and danced, danced, danced when they played music. Surprise, surprise. The kid's got moves - and they don't come from her mama!

I took a few "first day of school" pictures, but our little session didn't exactly go as planned.
ChaCha wanted nothing to do with her backpack... or the front porch for that matter.
So, all I have are a few pictures of her playing in the front yard.


"Bye-bye Mama!!"
*picture me running behind her with all of my camera gear to keep her outta the street!!


I'll include a few finger painting pictures for good measure.


Only a few more days until I order Photoshop CS5. That's when the fun will begin!

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