Friday, September 3, 2010

A weekend for grownups!

Reed and I are taking a weekend off from parenting.
We've been going non-stop and decided that we needed a little break.

Chappellina is in Pensacola with my parents and having a blast.
Today I slept until 9 am. It felt like 11. It was so wonderful.

After our weekend of sickness (when Reed was away at a bachelor party) Chapster developed an ear infection. Amoxicillin didn't work. Go figure.
We're hoping this second round of antibiotics will clear it up. It better clear it up!
She's been a perfect angel for her Mimi (of course), but the past two weeks have been a little challenging. When baby doesn't feel well, she seems to take it out on me... the terrible twos are fast approaching!

Last night I went to dinner with some girls. Afterwards, we watched a little football with the Espys.
Tonight we're going to dinner with the Liz, Taylor and the Espys.
Tomorrow we are going to the Alabama game! Thank you Lizzy so much for inviting us.
We cannot wait to be in T-town!

Awesome, awesome weekend ahead.
Ahhhh... tomorrow at this exact time I will be at Gallettes... my most favorite smelly place on Earth.

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