Monday, October 6, 2008

30 Weeks, 1 Day

This weekend we decided last minute to go with my parents to Grayton. We left around 1 on Friday and got there around 5:30 in the evening. It was so nice to get out of town and just relax. My parents took us out to wonderful dinners both nights which was of course welcomed (and awesome)! If you will be in the area anytime soon, I recommend a new restaurant in Grayton called Fire. I think I gained about 5 pounds.
Saturday we shopped around Seaside. I got a mirror & matching frame for Chappell's nursery. Now all I'm lacking is her bedding, which will be here this weekend.

The next few weeks will be quite busy for us. This weekend, both of our families are coming in town for the Birmingham baby shower. Margaret Leigh arrives Friday night from DC and Smith will drive over from T-Town on Wednesday, as her Fall Break begins! Cover gets in Saturday around lunch (from Memphis). Wooohooo!
Next weekend, October 18th, Reed and I have our childbirth class all day. We're a little bummed about missing the Ole Miss game. The following weekend, October 25th we will go to P-cola for the Pensacola baby shower! I'm actually going to go down early, I think on Tuesday because SISTER LYLE IS FLYING IN FROM BANGKOK for my shower! She definitely gets an award for the furthest traveler. We are all so excited that she is bringing baby Iain. Iain just turned 1 about a week ago-- we are so happy that Chappell and Iain will grow up together... just a year apart. It's crazy... Lyle and I never thought we would have any kids so close in age!
November 1st we will be going to Reed's cousin Abigail's wedding about an hour outside of the Hammer. After the wedding (it starts at 2), we drive to Montgomery for an engagement party in the Gump.
Our last weekend of travel before being landlocked in B-ham will be November 8th for Anne Cook's wedding! I can't wait-- it will be so much fun, and I will be hooooge!

About the 3-D ultrasound: Chappell was once again in a bad position. This time we were able to get a few good pictures of her face, but in general, we were not impressed with the results. I guess there's just no guarantee the baby will be cooperating. All in all, I'm just not sure it is really worth it-- and I'm not sure I will do it with the next baby. It's just frusterating because each time we went I was so excited to see her little face... and then we left just as clueless as we were before. I will scan a couple of the good pictures and post later today!

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Anonymous said...

So busy! But I can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for posting again. I was having withdraws!

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