Sunday, October 19, 2008

32 Weeks Down...

What an eventful weekend!

Friday night we laid low and were paid a visit from one of State Farm's home health nurses. I suppose an important part of becoming a first time parent is purchasing life insurance. However, I never knew the insurance company had to personally inspect our bods to see if we were fit to be covered. It's a pretty intense process. For me, it was a just a little weird to have blood drawn on my own couch (I wouldn't allow it on the white one). I shouldn't complain - it was convenient.

Saturday morning we went to Brookwood Hospital for our prepared childbirth class. I personally enjoyed the hospital tour the most. It was cool to see where all the action will be happening in just a few weeks! I was excited to see that each post-delivery room had a huge flat screen TV and mini-fridge (for champagne, or course). I feel like I knew most of the material from all that I've been reading about pregnancy and childbirth. I do think Reed learned a lot from the experience. It was especially helpful to see where we are supposed to go when I go into labor... considering we were both a little clueless about that. There are a zillion entrances... and we had no clue which one we were supposed to use. Russell and Beau took the class with us. We both thought it was so funny to think how much things have changed in a year. Most of you reading were at Gallettes for the Ole Miss game... and we were learning how to swaddle. Crazy, huh?

The class was over around 3:30, and went straight to one of Reed's friend's houses to watch the rest of the game. Roll Tide!!


Sarah said...

Whoa!!! This is getting real! I cannot believe we're so close to having babies in our group. I want more Holland pictures!!!

Holland said...

that's funny. this got REAL for us quite a while ago!! :)

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