Monday, October 27, 2008

33 Weeks, 2 Days

Last night I returned to Birmingham from a week in P-Cola with the family. It was so good to get to hang out w/ my sister Lyle and her baby, Iain (pronounced Ian, by the way). Smith and Reed drove down together Thursday afternoon. Saturday was the Pensacola baby shower, which was perfect! I forgot to upload my Dad's camera before I left, but will do it next week when I am home again for Anne Cook's wedding. Chappell got the most beautiful things-- adorable clothes, stuffed animals, Maclaren stroller, among many others! It honestly took over 2 hours to put it all away.

Here are a few things...

This stuffed elephant is from Aunt Ferrill. I absolutely love it-- it's so cute and huge and I love how it has her name on the ear! If I was a stuffed animal, this is what I would want to be...

This gift was my absolute favorite. It's a newborn sleep sack, and it's from Reed. I thought it was the sweetest thing for him to get the baby a gift... it says "Baby's First Christmas" and the card was signed, "Love, Daddy." Reed also earned major points this weekend by giving me MY baby gift. Gorgeous black pearl earrings that will someday be Chappell's. You're the best, Reed!

Aunt Mary C had this gorgeous pillow made for Chappell- and she even tackled the 4 Letter monogram!! I absolutely love it and it has a prime spot on the rocking chair. Thanks, MC-- it matches perfectly :)

Tomorrow I will post more- including Chappell's going home from the hospital outfit. Emily gave it to me at the shower on Saturday and it is gorgeous!


Sarah said...

Way to go, Daddy Reedo! What a champ! I'm mailing CLCW's gift today so it should be there soon! I want to see everything else!!!!

Coley said...

I just LOVE your blog!!! I feel so caught up! I can't wait to see you in your beautiful earrings!! And, I love the elephant too! I am impatiently looking forward to Chappell's arrival :) Love you and Reed!!

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