Thursday, October 30, 2008

33 Weeks, 4 Days

We just got back from the doctor a few minutes ago with good news-- Chapster is head down! I'm so pumped about this. I had convinced myself that she wasn't going to flip and I would require a C-Section. Woooohooo!

I thought some of you might enjoy (at Reed's expense) a few pictures of his Halloween costume. Reed will be playing the part of Woody from Toy Story - chosen by Will (3 year-old nephew). Sadly, plans changed and Will cannot come to Birmingham to trick-or-treat as Woody's partner, Buzz LightYear. So here is solo Woody!


Anonymous said...

A HAHA!!!! Reed, you look just like him! Congrats on the head down thing. Didn't think I'd be saying something like that for a while...

Holland said...

sarah!! i love the hamper-- it's sooo cute! and i really needed one. it will make an appearance on the blog, i promise. and i loved the envelope. cracked me up.

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