Friday, February 20, 2009

2921 Leland Road - Gone!

At 11:00 o'clock today, we closed on our house in Birmingham! We are so excited and thankful to have sold our house... especially in this market and current economic situation. With this chapter in our life officially closed, we are ready to make our next move down here in SOWAL. Ha - it's so weird here... besides Destin, there aren't really cities... it's like, "hi, I live on 30-A..." - So, you live on a road? Weird.
Anywho, we think we've found a new house. Actually, I think we're signing a contract on Monday or Tuesday... basically whenever the funds show up in our bank account. Don't want to sign anything till we see da money!
The house is in a new development off of HWY. 98. Half of the neighborhood is finished, and they're still building the other half. Reed describes the new house as the complete opposite of our old house. Which is FINE with us. We're ready for something new, something spacious, and something with amenities. The new neighborhood has a gym and a pool - so exciting! It's two stories, and brand spanking new. Totally clean for my babe.
I'm just glad to be out of the Paisley/Ward house. Don't want Chappell choking on a dust bunny!
Below you can see the gym and pool house.

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Anonymous said...

Holly, that looks so nice! SO will there be a guest room?

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