Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pasties at the Beach

This past weekend we went to Pensacola to celebrate Smith's 23rd birthday. We ate dinner at Global Grill Friday night and it was delish!
Saturday we came back to Grayton to set up Reed's office and relax a little in our new hometown. Saturday night we went w/ Chaps to Hurricane Oyster Bar... ate oysters (Reed got me started on the RAW ones) and drank beer. It was so much fun. Good thing it's only half a mile from the house or we would've been irresponsible parents. Sunday we went to a late brunch at the Red Bar.
We had a great weekend... and even tested out the Baby Bijourn!


Sarah said...

Haha! No hands!!! It sounds like life is spectacular on the panhandle. I'm so jealous. I'm coming to visit soon. Show Chappell pictures of me so she'll recognize me next time I see her.

Coley said...

Reed is the cutest thing ever!!! I love Chap's chubby cheeks!!

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