Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hallelujah, again?

So, after my post documenting Chappell's first full night of sleep, she went back to her old tricks... middle-O'-the-night feedings. SO, at the risk of speaking to soon, last night was the second night in a row she slept from 10:00pm until 6:30am...

Most would say I shouldn't complain, but the problem is, I'm not used to sleeping a full night anymore. So, last night I didn't sleep much at all! I really shouldn't complain - I'll get used to sleeping again. It's just that when I wake up, I get scared to go back to sleep because I know it will be so much worse if she wakes up and I have to get up again!

BUT... I think I'm finally figuring this whole sleep schedule/pattern thing out... they say for infants, "sleep begets sleep." This seems to be true. The more she naps, the better she sleeps at night. I used to be scared if she napped too long or too often she wouldn't be able to sleep later on. Babies are interesting creatures...

Worth noting... (maybe not for you, but for me), Chappell is fully aware of who her parents are now. If she's not in the right mood, she might not be willing to hang with a stranger... a few weeks ago, if you had two arms - she didn't seem to care. She's become particularly attached to me, which makes sense. We spend all day together! After Reed gets home from work I go to the gym at Watercolor - the second she hears my voice when I get home... it's like, "see ya, dad!"

She's smiling all the time... on the verge of laughing!

PS: Sorry for the boring details, but I plan on using this as a reference for when things happened in her babyhood... an online babybook of sorts?

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Sarah said...

NO, I love hearing her milestones. Keep them coming.

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